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Video Hell, 2017

There is an awkward-looking humanoid on a digital screen, clad in a black/green morphsuit. They vaguely resemble a digital avatar; but their physicality is uncertain. Are they a real digital avatar? Or are they just a wannabe? One thing is for certain, this semi-digital territory is uneasy.

Scroll through and watch a few videos. 

How To Clean Up Space Without A Trace, 13s, 2017 

Cloudconverting, 1m4s, 2016 

[epic] Gameplay Montage! #7 (HD 1080p), 5m47s, 2017

Breach the Firewall!, 28s, 2017

FUCK FUCK FUCK,  3s, 2016

Installation shot of svchost.exe: Application Error!!, mixed media, 2017.

You Won't Believe What This Guy Does For Laughs, 2m14s, 2016

bottletest, 26s, 2017

DeepBlue/Azure/Cerulean, 1m45s, 2017

First Backflip Attempt (Not Clickbait), 37s, 2017

UnSelected, 1m52s, 2017

Ping, 3m, 2017

Pow Pow, 2m18s, 2016

Installation preview of Video Hell, three-channel video, Kingston University, 2017 

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