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Circulate, 2017



Critters circle, for a summoning of sorts.

Music by Dani Smith /


Turkeys Walk Around Tree

Peafowl Amazing Lekking (Mating) Behavior ... Rare recording!!

Turkeys circle a dead cat

chicken spiral

ritual con palomas satanico

Fox running in circle 狐狸转圈圈, 你这是在减肥吗?\

GeoVideo 0020 Army Ant Death Spiral 1080p

Bats flying in circles

Sheep Cyclone - Crazy Sheep Circle Car

Snake Eating Itself

snake eating own tail

The Snake Eats Its Own Tail

My Snake Is Eating Itself! Brian Barczyk

Snake Gets Trapped In An Endless Loop Of Its Own Skin After Sheddinh

Turkeys running around a Tree

Horses run in circles

Ants Circle

Ducks Swimming In A Circle

There's a fucking rabbit, running in circles in front of my car

These fishes love to swim in circles.

Koi fish swim in circle - very unusual sighting!


Installation view at De Liceiras 18, Porto. 

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