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Teaching Zuckerberg What it Means to Be Human, 2019

Augmented Reality Facebook camera Filter

I created a 3D mesh of Mark Zuckerberg that can be used inside Facebook’s own camera app to mock the CEO. The app uses the front-facing camera of your device and morphs your head in and out with this 3D, hollow, and sweaty caricature of Zuckerberg. The app made it through detection systems and even was approved by human moderators (partly due to not referencing Zuckerberg in the application, simply calling it a ‘generic male head’). The app is still live and working, undetected.


It seems that Facebook cares less about genuine human connections, and more about using our data for profit. For this reason, I wanted to provide Facebook users the opportunity to use his image, as a comeuppance against the CEO. By gathering unprecedented quantities of data on the human species, will Zuckerberg finally learn what it means to be human? A live version of the work was exhibited on monitors as part of Montreal’s Chromatic Festival in May 2019.


Test it here: 


Music by Dani Smith
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